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  • Contour™ 15.6'' Laptop Backpack- Black
    Contour™ 15.6'' Laptop Backpack- Black

    The contour panel is engineered to bring weight closer to the body o reduce shoulder and back fatigue by up to 35%.

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  • LM150 Backpack — Cool Grey
    LM150 Backpack — Cool Grey

    When it comes to contemporary style for the modern young professional, the LM150 Backpack has all the elements for success. Padded pockets allow you to safely store your laptop and tablet in snug sections to keep them from shifting around while you’re on the go. There’s plenty of room for all...

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  • SP25 Laptop Backpack
    SP25 Laptop Backpack

    Travel in style with the classic design of the Kensington SP25 backpack. The padded interior pouch protects your laptop computer and the zipped compartments give you easy access to all your essentials when you are on the move.

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  • Contour™ 15.6'' Overnight Laptop Backpack- Black
    Contour™ 15.6'' Overnight Laptop Backpack- Black

    There’s nothing easy about flying these days. So anything you can do to make getting through security and onto your flight a little bit less stressful can make a big difference. That’s why Kensington developed the checkpoint friendly Contour™ Overnight Backpack. When it comes to flying through...

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  • Triple Trek™ Ultrabook™ Optimised Backpack
    Triple Trek™ Ultrabook™ Optimised Backpack

    Your Ultrabook is sleek and light, but some of your other essentials? Not so much. Once you add a power brick, your tablet, accessories like a presenter, smartphone, files for the office and more, you suddenly find yourself needing something that can help you carry it all in comfort. Plus you...

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