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  • Simply Portable Neoprene Sleeve

    The Kensington SP12 12" Neoprene Sleeve features a neoprene exterior, which provides protection for your laptop or netbook, and soft comfortable carrying handles, while front and inside pockets provide plenty of room for accessories and important files. All the functionality you need at a great...

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    from £24.92
  • Soft Universal Sleeve

    Laptops have become the go-to essential for mobile business professionals, and the sleek, lightweight Chromebook™ and MacBook Air® are becoming more popular every year. Now you have the perfect lightweight complement to help you carry your laptop or tablet around. The Kensington universal sleeve...

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    from £17.55
  • Black Faux Suede Tablet PC Sleeve
    Black Faux Suede Tablet PC Sleeve

    Designed to fit tablets and mobile devices up to 29cms, its the ideal complement to your tablet. Its dual rubber zipper design is ideal for easy access to your tablet and or accessories stored inside. Made with care and attention to detail, the sleeves are backed by Kensington's Limited Lifetime...

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    £17.55 K64300EU
  • SP2 Reversible Netbook Sleeve
    SP2 Reversible Netbook Sleeve

    Here's the protection you need for your netbook computer. Its neoprene construction provides protective cushioning that feels great in your hand.

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    £19.81 K62914EU
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