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Universal Docking Station Pre-Purchase FAQs


Can multiple users use the same dock (at different times)?

Yes, this is a scenario that the universal dock excels at.  So long as users have the driver installed (a simple process) they can plug and play without having to reset the dock.  This makes a universal dock ideal for a home workstation or office hot desk.

Can I position a Kensington tower dock horizontally?

It is possible to lie a tower dock on its side.  Note that the base plate is not removable, this ensures that airflow is maintained.

Is it safe to leave my dock powered overnight?

Yes, our docks meet relevant electrical safety legislation.

How do I know that my dock is powered?

A blue power icon will be illuminated on the front panel of the dock.  This also confirms that any powered USB ports are powered and ready to be used for charging other USB devices.

How do I know that my dock is connected?

A USB icon indicator will be illuminated green on the front of the dock to reassure users that the dock is powered and connected the laptop.

Does the dock have any memory?

No, the dock does not include integrated memory.  Any external USB memory stick or drive connected to the dock will appear and be available to users as if they had been connected directly into the laptop.


Are Kensington Docks Mac compatible?

The Kensington Docks are compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8.  Check our compatibility by dock.

Can I connect two docks to one laptop?

Yes, this is possible.  You should be aware of the processing power requirements of your laptop.  Our technical support team will be able to assess this with you.

Will my dock work with USB 2.0


Can I connect my dock to a USB C port?


Can I connect a dock to a TV?

A television can be used as a second screen so long as you have the suitable connections.  Not all televisions screens are optimized for use as a computing monitor, even if they offer the suitable connectivity. 

Can I connect peripherals to the laptop and the dock simultaneously?

Yes, the dock

Can I connect my dock to a PC rather than a laptop?


How do I connect my dock to the internet?

Kensington USB docks can be connected to the internet and networks via the integrated Ethernet port.  If can, should you need to, continue to use your laptops Ethernet port.  Similarly, laptop Wi-Fi connectivity can be used, rather than the docks Ethernet port.

Does my dock connect to Wi-Fi?

No directly, Wi-Fi network connectivity can be provided by a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or a dedicated USB accessory.

Can I connect wireless accessories to my dock?

Yes, the only restriction is the number of USB ports available on your dock.  You can add as many USB wireless receivers to your dock, and your laptop, as dictated by the number of available USB ports.

Monitor Set Up

Which monitors can I connect to a universal dock?

You can connect any brand of monitor to a universal dock.  The monitor doesn’t need to be the same brand as the dock or the laptop.  The only requirement is that the dock and the monitor can be connected together.  Kensington USB 3.0 docks are supplied with all you need to connect to a HDMI, DVI or VGA monitor.  Our technical support team will be glad to confirm your desired configuration for you before you place an order.

How can I connect more monitors to my dock?

If you have already connected a monitor to your laptop docking station or two monitors to your dual laptop dock there is still the possibility of adding additional monitors by using a USB Multi-Display Adapter.

A USB Multi-Display Adapter simply connects to a vacant USB port in your docking station or your laptop.

How can I connect two VGA monitors to my laptop?

You can connect one to the DVI port on our USB 3.0 Docking station using the included DVI > VGA adapter.  Another can be added using a Multi-Display adapter which connects via a USB port or, if you have a Dual dock you can connect a VGA monitor to the free HDMI out port using a third party HDMI > VGA adapter.

What is a Dual Dock?

A dual dock supports two outputs.  This means that two monitors, can be connected to and driven by a Dual Dock.  This provides the user with a three screen set up, including the laptop screen. 

Check the output options provided by your dock.  While each dock offers multiple connectivity options only a dual dock will support multiple outputs.

Can I connect different sized monitors to a Dual Dock?

Yes, although there are ergonomic and wellbeing advantages to working with identical screen sizes, there is no system limitation dictating that both monitors need to share the same size or specification.


Can I lock my laptop in the dock?

The only physical connection between a universal dock and the laptop is a USB cable.  While this provides increased positioning options, such as using a laptop riser and positioning the laptop scree at an ergonomically correct height, and user flexibility it also means that a laptop is not secured to the dock. 

Kensington Universal docks feature a Kensington Security Slot.  This allows a twin cable lock to be used to secure the dock and the laptop.


Do I need to install software or drivers?

Yes.  These are available at www.kenisngton.com/software

Is technical support available?

Yes, we offer telephone and email support for administrator and users.  See our contact options.

Can I test drive a dock before I buy?

If you are an organization and require evaluation support our dedicated team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.  See our contact options.

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