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Microsoft Surface Accessories

Get the most from your Microsoft Surface, whether you're working in the office, relaxing at home, or trying to be productive on the road. From presenters and mice, to keyboards and chargers, Kensington has an extensive line of products to enhance your Microsoft Surface experience. And if you’re looking to protect your Surface tablet, our universal charging cabinets offer security while our rugged cases will help your Surface Pro escape damage if it gets dropped.

Protection & USB Connectivity Accessories for Microsoft Surface

With only a single USB port, the Surface can connect to a Kensington universal docking station to expand the device’s peripheral accessories for a complete productivity experience. The docks offer plug and play installation and are the perfect solution to complement the tablet screen with an additional monitor.

Customizable Pen, Mice & Keyboards for Microsoft Surface

The Surface is an amazing tool to enhance productivity, offering all the benefits of a tablet and a laptop. With the right input solutions, it can be even more. Our range of keyboards, presenters and a Windows 8 gesture mouse let you unlock the Surface's unlimited potential.

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