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  • Just Your Type

    Pro Fit® Wireless Keyboards


Just Your Type

Full-featured keyboards are essential to optimizing your productivity. Kensington's keyboards are always up to the task, letting you work more efficiently whether it's a wired version or a wireless Bluetooth model that helps cut down on cord clutter around your workstation.

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  • Pro Fit® Low-Profile Wireless Desktop Set
    Pro Fit® Low-Profile Wireless Desktop Set

    The Kensington Pro Fit® Low-Profile Wireless Desktop Set is a reliable solution for the professional workstation. Providing a full-size, spill-proof keyboard with multimedia keys, a comfortable ambidextrous mouse and AES encryption, the Pro Fit Low-Profile Wireless Desktop Set supports a...

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    £34.99 K75230UK
  • ValuKeyboard - Wired
    ValuKeyboard - Wired

    The Kensington Wired ValuKeyboard features a spill-proof sealed membrane design to resist coffee, water and other liquids. It offers reliable Plug & Play operation with a wired USB connection.

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    £13.01 1500109
  • Advance Fit™ Full-Size Slim Keyboard
    Advance Fit™ Full-Size Slim Keyboard

    Bring sleek, contemporary styling to your desktop without sacrificing feel or productivity. The Kensington Advance Fit™ Slim Type Keyboard combines a stylish exterior with premium laptop-style keys for crisp and responsive feel. Dedicated media keys control volume, mute and sleep while the...

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    £29.45 K72357UK
  • Pro Fit™ Wireless Media Desktop Set
    Pro Fit™ Wireless Media Desktop Set

    Here's the desktop set designed to provide lasting comfort and performance. The full-sized keyboard and mouse are perfect for long workdays while the 2.4GHz wireless connection provides high reliability in crowded office settings.

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    £53.24 K72338UKA
  • Pro Fit™ Media Wired Keyboard
    Pro Fit™ Media Wired Keyboard

    Durability and comfort come together in the Pro Fit™ Wired Media Keyboard. The full-size design provides all-day comfort, while the spill-resistant construction means it's built to last. The Pro Fit™ keyboard connects in seconds. Simply plug it into the USB port and you're ready to go with no...

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    £23.78 K64408UKA

    Full-sized domed keys for great tamper-proof typing experience. Plug & Play installation for easy setup. Wired connection provides power.

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    £29.45 K72357WW
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