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Lock Anchor Points & Accessories

Secure Your Lock

Anchor points provide a convenient point through which to secure your Kensington lock.  Add an anchor point to create a desk or location where a natural place through which to look or secure your lock isn't available, or simply for access or cable management needs.

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  • Desk Mount Security Anchor Point
    Desk Mount Security Anchor Point

    Add a secure anchor point to any work surface, providing employees with a convenient and easily accessible place to lock down their computer. The Kensington Desk Mount Cable Anchor attaches via either industrial-strength mounting tape or security screws.

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    £10.75 K64613WW
  • Grommet Hole Security Anchor Point
    Grommet Hole Security Anchor Point

    Turn the grommet hole found in many work surfaces and desks into a handy anchor point without damage or alterations. The Kensington Grommet Hole Cable Anchor Point installs quickly and easily with no tools. By supplying a convenient anchor point, it makes it easy for employees to secure laptops,...

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    £23.78 K64612WW
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  • CickSafe Anchor Adhesive Kit
    CickSafe Anchor Adhesive Kit
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  • Security Slot Adapter Kit for Ultrabook™
    Security Slot Adapter Kit for Ultrabook™

    Ultrabook™ and MacBook Air® laptops are valuable business tools and highly desirable for thieves. But they can pose a real challenge when it comes to security. The fact is some ultra-thin laptops lack a security slot making it impossible to attach a lock and secure it from theft. Fortunately...

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    £15.28 K64995WW
  • CableSaver™

    Lock down your mice, keyboards, phones, and more with the Kensington CableSaver™. Secure the cables in the clamp and lock it shut with a Kensington MicroSaver®. Now, fewer items will "walk" off your desk.

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    £4.75 64519US
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