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Extended Monitor Arm

idea: Raise your productivity to new levels.

Extended Monitor Arm




About This Product

Kensington SmartFit® Monitor Arms work with any monitor to allow perfect positioning for an employee-safe, comfortable and ergonomic workstation. Our exclusive colour-coded SmartFit™ system places the monitor in the ideal ergonomic height, reducing eye and neck strain so employees get more done, more comfortably. SmartFit Monitor Arms are lightweight, require little or no assembly, and can be set up by just one person. And the SmartFit™ colour bar re-adjusts in seconds, meaning that multiple users of the same workspace can adjust for their own perfect fit—without the help of the IT manager.


  • Arm is fully height and length adjustable and folds flat against a panel
  • Pre-assembled for quick and easy installation
  • SmartFit™ System lets the user adjust for their ergonomic comfort in seconds without specialist support
  • Assembles in minutes with clamp fixing options
  • Cable management system reduces desktop clutter



  • UPC: 50085896609044
  • Features: SmartFit™
  • Max Arm Height (Desktop to VESA Plate center) 40.3cm
  • Min Arm Height (Desktop to VESA Plate center) 22.5cm
  • Max Arm Reach (Column Front to VESA Plate center) 40cm
  • Min Arm Reach (Column Front to VESA Plate center) 3.5cm
  • Smallest Flat Panel Size 15"
  • Largest Flat Panel Size 24"
  • Clamps to Max Desk Thickness 9.5cm


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