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We want to ensure we are transparent about the information our cookies collect.

To help us achieve this we have carried out a cookie audit of this site and the information below shows the cookies we use and the reasons we use them.

How we use first party cookies on this site
First party cookies are used by us to recognise you when you come back to this site. This enables us to recognise the country version and language you wish to use when using this site. In addition if you use the 'remember me' option in the 'Sign in' section this information is stored in a cookie. Both of these pieces of data are stored in 2 cookies called 'kensington' and 'accoBrands'.

How third party cookies are used on this site
We also use third party cookies which are served by Google for its Google Analytics service, and also by Coremetrics, Inc. for its Coremetrics Analytics service, to gather aggregate information about the numbers and regularity of visitors to our website and its various pages, so we are able to improve the appearance and usability of the website.

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