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Comercio Fit™ Universal Folio Case for 10” Tablets

Comercio Fit™ Universal Folio Case for 10” Tablets



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About This Product

Not all 9-inch and 10-inch tablets are made to the same specifications. A half-inch there or there and your tablet won’t fit into a case. Kensington has solved that problem with the Comercio Fit Soft Folio Case that provides a universal fit for all the most popular 9-inch and 10-inch tablets. The soft, lightweight case offers secure protection for your device through the Silicone 4-Corner Base, which uses stay straps that come up and over the corners of the tablet. The inside cover has soft microfiber lining that prevents the screen from getting scratched or damaged and a magnetic clasp keeps the folio securely closed. Special grooves inside the case enable multiple viewing angles for your tablet so you can select the ideal position for viewing videos, typing emails or web browsing.


  • Soft, lightweight case securely holds 9” and 10” tablets
  • Silicone 4-Corner Base uses stays straps that come up and over the tablet
  • Interior microfiber lining protects display from scratches
  • Multi-position stand allows for upright to low-position viewing
  • Magnetic tab securely closes folio
  • Unobstructed access to charging port and front camera



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  • Universal Fit

    Universal Fit

    Designed to hold a wide variety of 9-inch and 10-inch tablets

  • Soft, Lightweight Case

    Provides everyday protection for your tablet against bumps and drops that might damage your device

    Soft, Lightweight Case
  • Silicone 4-Corner Base

    Silicone 4-Corner Base

    Stays straps come up and over the corners of the tablet to hold it in place

  • Interior Microfiber Lining

    Protects your tablet’s delicate screen from scratches and damage

    Interior Microfiber Lining
  • Multi-Position Stand

    Multi-Position Stand

    Grooves provide multiple viewing angles, allowing you to set the ideal position for hands-free video viewing, typing emails or web browsing

  • Magnetic Clasp

    Ensures the folio is closed securely, maintaining worry-free mobility for you and your tablet

    Magnetic Clasp