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VeriMark™ Setup

1. Can I use this dongle with Mac OS or Chrome OS?

Answer: No, currently we only support Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. 

2. Can I let multiple users sign-in to one Windows account and register different fingerprints?

Answer: Yes, one Windows account can register more than one fingerprint including that of multiple users, the maximum fingerprints eligible to register is 10 fingerprints.

3. What happens if I lose my VeriMarkTM Fingerprint Key? Can anyone steal my fingerprint data from it?


  1. a) You can login to your Windows account through your regular password or pin code as the backup until you are able to replace or find your VeriMarkTM Fingerprint Key.

  2. b) For U2F login, you can still use your regular password with OTP phone messages to login into your Google, Dropbox and other accounts.

  3. c) Your fingerprint image/file has been changed into an encrypted file through a secure algorithm so that it can be stored in your laptops settings so you can purchase another VeriMarkTM Fingerprint Key to continue use.

4. What is U2F?

Answer: U2F is the term from FIDO alliance, U2F (or Universal 2nd Factor) is an open authentication standard that enables keychain devices, mobile phones and other devices to securely access any number of web-based services. For more information, see U2F – FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (https://fidoalliance.org/specifications/overview/ ).

This user experience allows online services to augment the security of their existing password infrastructure by adding a strong second factor to user login. The user logs in with a username and password as before. The service can also prompt the user to present a second factor device at any time it chooses. The strong second factor allows the service to simplify its passwords (e.g. 4–digit PIN) without compromising security. With this product, your 2nd factor would be your fingerprint.

During registration and authentication, the user presents the second factor by simply pressing their fingerprint on the USB dongle sensor area. The user can use their FIDO U2F device across all online services that support the protocol leveraging built–in support in web browsers.

5. Can I use the U2F process to login to Google accounts through the IE edge or Firefox browser?

Answer: No, currently IE edge and Firefox have not implemented the FIDO framework. So you can currently only use the U2F process through the Google Chrome browser. In the future, if IE edge or Firefox supports FIDO U2D framework, then Kensington will consider supporting driver updates. Please continue to check the product page on the website for updates and more information.

6. I have activated the U2F sign-in process on Facebook, but I cannot use the dongle to login to my Facebook account on a different computer. Why?

Answer: Based on the current FIDO U2F framework and the VeriMarkTM Fingerprint Key, you must register your fingerprint data through your Windows account and then you need to register each computer with your VeriMarkTM Fingerprint Key (with your own fingerprint) for the U2F account. This means that if you have two or more laptops/devices then you must register your U2F key through the same accounts on each laptop/device. If you are using a public computer, we suggest using SMS messages for your password when you try to login your personal account. 

7. Can my VeriMark™ Fingerprint Key be registered with my new device or fingerprints?

Answer: Your VeriMark™ Fingerprint Key can be registered again through the same account on a different device. Or it can be registered again with the same account and the same device with different fingerprints. Make sure you continue to use the same account with your VeriMark™ Fingerprint Key.