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  • Master Access Lock Management Options

Master Access Solutions

The Right Choice for Your Company

Kensington recognizes that most businesses operate differently. So we’ve designed custom solutions that allow you to select the ideal level of IT control over your equipment while helping employees safeguard against theft and avoid downtime due to misplaced keys.

Master Keyed Locks

Administrator access with user keys - ideal for on-site IT control

The perfect solution if you want your IT manager to have a key that accesses all locks while each employee has their own individual lock and key. This gives each employee the power to protect their laptops with a personal lock that can be used anywhere in the office or on-the-go. A master key gives your IT staff universal access to unlock any piece of equipment for upgrades, relocataion, replacement or misplaced/lost keys.

Supervisor Keyed Locks

This is the solution to go with when you want to implement high-level, convenient on-site security. Physically secure your comapny's equipment using identical locks that are restricted to IT staff only. One master key opens them all, giving your IT manager ultimate control and access. Lock down crucial infrastructure like laptops, desktops, servers and network equipment knowing access is as limited as possible. Available for custom orders.



Single Key

Each key opens each lock - Ideal for sharing control

The ideal option if you're looking to give a department identical keys, providing wider flexibility and freedom to access its equipment. This gives an office or lab shared locks and keys, offering a solid layer of security against non-employee theft without restricting employee access and productivity. It's a great way to stretch departmental budgets. Shared access is ideal for specialized environments where employees can check out laptops, tablets, projectors and other shared hardware.