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5.2A/26 Watt Output

Dual USB ports each provide a 2.6A/13 watt output for the fastest charge possible for your tablet or smartphone with high-quality components so you can power up the device’s battery in less time while knowing the internal electronics are completely safe

PowerWhiz™ Technology

A smart chip inside the charger automatically detects your device and its specific power needs, creating the correct “handshake” between the device and the charging port to deliver a faster, safer charge

Blue LED Indicator

Small light on the front of the charger illuminates when plugged in, letting you know your charger is ready to provide power

Compact Design

The low profile of the charger blends in seamlessly with any vehicle interior

  • Provides maximum charge for up to two mobile devices at 2.6 AMPs (13 watts) including the Microsoft Surface 3, tablets and smartphones
  • PowerWhiz™ automatically detects the type of device you are charging to provide a faster, safer charge
  • Blue LED indicates the charger is powered and ready for a device
  • Compact, low-profile design blends into any vehicle interior

Product Specifications

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    Smartphones, Tablets, Windows Tablets
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    Power Indicator (Blue)