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Microsoft Surface product of the year
Microsoft Surface product of the year

Microsoft Surface Accessories

Designed exclusively for Surface in collaboration with Microsoft. Built to work perfectly with Surface devices, including Surface pro, Surface go, Surface laptop, Surface book, Surface laptop studio, Surface studio and Surface Duo.

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More Than a Badge

Kensington is proud to be part of the Designed for Surface (DfS) program. Designed for Surface products are designed in collaboration with Microsoft and must meet their rigorous standards to carry the DfS badge. Tests performed in Microsoft’s lab include compatibility with current and previous Surface devices, adequate heat dissipation, no interference with wireless communications or the Surface device itself, no impact on Surface charging, and much more.


Kensington, for All Your Surface Accessories

From locks and docks to cases, biometrics, and more, we’ve got your Designed for Surface needs covered.

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