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The Perfect WFH Layout: How to Master Your Hybrid Work Setup

Woman working in home office with Kensington ergonomic products

Many assume that the recent pandemic is the reason for implementing the hybrid work model. However, these models have been popping up in multiple industries and companies for years now. 

According to a Global Workforce survey, 77% of larger organizations will continue with their remote workforce post-pandemic. This alternative work option allows employees to work at their own pace, on their own terms. 

The hybrid model gives people increased flexibility, allowing them to work at home, in a coffee shop, or even from a hotel room while traveling. However, to make hybrid work effective, it is essential to have the right equipment for comfort and productivity no matter where you are working. 

If you are working on the go, you will need a comfortable setup, preferably an ergonomic one. Kensington has all the equipment you will need to master your hybrid work setup. See which ones are perfect for you!

How to Put Together a Comfortable Setup

Setting up a comfortable workstation is essential for productivity and focused concentration. The first step in putting together a suitable workspace is to consider ergonomics – the health and efficiency of a work environment. 

Kensington's line of ergonomic products is the answer. To ensure your laptop is at the optimal height for comfort and to guard against eye strain, consider SmartFit® Easy Riser™ Go Adjustable Ergonomic Riser

Along with the laptop riser, consider the following when setting up your WFH workstation:

  • Portable ergonomic keyboard and mouse setup, a must-have when using a laptop riser.
  • A quality ergonomic chair.
  • Desk with an appropriate height.
  • Ample cable management to avoid cluttering your workspace.
  • Monitor arm to keep it high enough for viewing distance.

Why an Ergo Setup is Important

The average American spends upward of 11 hours per day sitting, and it is taking a severe toll on our health. Experts have linked prolonged sitting to heart diseases, cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and obesity in adults.

An ergo setup helps to reduce strain caused by improper sitting and body mechanics. Many of the ergonomic designs allow for people to stand while working. Ergonomic keyboards and trackballs also encourage proper alignment of your hands. 

There are even ergonomic solutions for your work chair. Besides, many of these ergonomic solutions are portable, making it easier to work on the go and still practice good ergonomics. 

3 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect WFH While Working on the Go

Now that the world is starting to open back up, post-pandemic people are ready to travel. You have been stuck in your home for over a year. Since you have also been working from home, you are eager to get out! And you are not alone. 

Nearly 67% of Americans plan to travel this summer. Yet, that does not mean taking a vacation from work. Since you have mastered the art of WFH, that leaves a lot of time to work while traveling. Even with a hybrid schedule of going into the office a few days a week, travel plans can still be on your schedule.

Here are three tips to help you set up your workstation, whether you are at a hotel desk, or enjoying other hotel amenities, like working poolside.

1. Determine the Best Traveling Setup

The first step to determining the best traveling setup for you is to plan for what type of work you will be doing while traveling. You need to also figure out how much space you’ll have and the kinds of tasks you can do while working remotely from a hotel room.

If space is an issue, consider Kensington's Multi-Device Dual Wireless Compact Keyboard. Its lightweight design makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go, no matter how much space is available.

2.  Know all the Hotel Amenities

Chances are that the hotel you are traveling to has exclusive amenities that will make it easier for you to set up a remote workstation while you are away. Many will have a business center set up for those who travel for work.

Perhaps you are more interested in working poolside. If so, look for an area far enough away from the water that you do not have to worry about your electronics getting wet.

Other amenities include free Wi-Fi, a safe to put your valuable work equipment in, and even a fitness center for when you need to take a break from work. Check out these amenities before you book your trip to ensure they have what you need.

3. Pack all the Essential Gadgets

You are going to need more than just your laptop if you plan to work while you travel. The tech accessories you bring along should not only be compact but also work on whatever surface you have available.

Kensington's SureTrack™ Dual Wireless Mouse features advanced tracking technology that allows the mouse to work on nearly any surface. Its adaptable wireless pairing connects to a variety of devices, making it compatible with your tablet, too.

Kensington Knows How to Help You Master Your WFH Setup

Even if you have opted to work from a hotel room, Kensington has all the tools you need for a successful remote work setup and thus helps you get work done while away from home.

Kensington has the perfect solution for all the hybrid work models. They offer a wide variety of products to help with any situation that could arise in today's modern workplace. They have got experience setting up people just like you looking to make their life easier by working from anywhere.

If you are ready to take advantage of the flexibility of the hybrid work model, check out Kensington’s latest WFA accessories.