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Protective Solution

Featuring a faux leather cover, the portfolio uses EVA foam bumpers to protect the Chromebook if it gets dropped, while the soft inner lining and magnetic flap prevent scratches

Ventilation Channels

Designed into the spine of the portfolio and in the base underneath the Chromebook, the channels ensure proper air flow so the Chromebook won’t overheat

Port Access

Strategically-designed cutouts in the sides of the portfolio ensure you will have access to the power jack so you can charge the battery without having to remove the case, as well as the USB ports

Hand Strap

A flexible, elastic strap provides a convenient, and safer, carrying option to reduce the risks of dropping and damaging the device

Stay-On Corner Straps

Designed to be universal so they fit all 11.6” Chromebooks, the stability straps can be placed over the corners of the screen and will automatically open the device when opening up the portfolio

ID Window

Provides a smart and fast way to identify the user of each Chromebook, which is especially helpful when several devices are being used in the same classroom

  • Protective solution that features EVA foam bumpers, a faux leather cover, soft inner lining and magnetic flap
  • Ventilation channels ensure proper air flow to prevent overheating
  • Strategic cutouts provide access to power jack and USB ports
  • Hand strap provides convenient and safer option to carry the portfolio
  • Stay-on straps for screen corners lift open the Chromebook, offer stability
  • ID window quickly helps identify each student’s device
  • Fits into Kensington Charging Cabinets
  • Inner rubber feet help prevent wear and tear

Product Specifications

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  • Lock Type
    Supervisor Keyed
  • Device Compatibility
    11.6” Chromebooks
  • Smart Card Reader (CAC)
    MIL-STD-810H Method 504.3 Contamination by Fluids