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Top 5 Tips for the Classroom: How to Clean Your Educational Workstation

  • June 03, 2021

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It’s time to head back to school, and the new hybrid learning schedule means kids need to learn how to keep their workspaces clean.

Whether it’s your kids going back to school, or you are the student, it’s important to be aware that shared learning spaces now require frequent cleaning.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should clean shared spaces like school classrooms at least once a day per class held in that room. This means that in an elementary classroom where the children stay in the same classroom for most of the day, cleaning once before school is acceptable.

However, cleaning middle school, high school, and college classrooms before each new session in that classroom or lecture hall is essential. Places like libraries, media centers, and cafeterias should also have a frequent cleaning schedule where disinfecting occurs once every hour.    

5 Tips for Cleaning Classroom Desks or Workstations at School

It is essential that you teach your children the correct way to clean their workstations at school. This cleaning process includes their classroom desk, their workstation in the computer lab, and any other shared workspace they use.

Here are the cleaning techniques you and your child should be using to clean their workstation, both at home and at school:

  1. Remove textbooks or printed materials from surfaces
  2. Disinfect every surface with a disposable wipe
  3. Sanitize all shared writing implements
  4. Use a can of air to clean dust from keyboards in the computer lab
  5. Clean desks, chairs, and lab workstation before and after every class session 

If you are a college student going back to school, you need to take precautions when working in a shared workspace. These precautions include any space shared in your dorm with your roommate. If you plan to share living space in a dorm, the Kensington offers the Pro Fit® Ergo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – or any of their Pro Fit® Ergo solutions – that you can use in school. It features dual wireless pairing for quick connection to the computer, eliminating the need to use shared keyboards.     

How to Clean Shared Workstation for Kids Going Back to School

Schools and colleges have begun implementing cleaning protocols as advised by the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO). These health organizations have partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop cleaning protocols for products able to kill the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Here is what they say you need to be doing to clean shared workstations at school.

How to Clean the Classroom

To clean the classroom, begin with the high-contact surfaces in the room. These include:

  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Light switches
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Storage containers
  • Community tables
  • Shared writing instruments
  • Other shared materials

Thoroughly wipe every surface with an approved cleaner. Ensure that you clean underneath each item. Also, for classrooms with small children, thoroughly clean any educational toys the children will be using. Utilize these disinfecting methods in a daycare setting as well.

How to Clean the Computer Lab

For disinfecting a computer lab, use the same method above to clean the high-contact surfaces. At the computer station, clean and disinfect the computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse – be sure to remove the trackball and wipe thoroughly. Use a can of air to clean between the keys of the keyboard, if necessary.

If you are the parent of a school-aged child, make sure that you teach them these protocols for cleaning the shared workstation in a school computer lab. The Pro Fit® Washable USB Keyboard is an excellent choice for a washable keyboard. And with Kensington’s Wipe-Down Protection approval, you know your keyboard won’t get damaged no matter how many times you have to clean it.

How to Clean the Library or Media Room

The custodian staff at schools and Universities will manage the EPA cleaning protocols for the facility. Yet, it is still essential that you or your student knows how to clean the shared workstations within the library and media center. Before setting up a workstation for study, ensure that you or the student wipes down the seat or chair, every surface of the desk, and any input ports or outlets that the student will be using.

Kensington’s Method for Exposure Testing

Kensington uses a military-grade method for testing the integrity of their products. Their MIL-STD-810H METHOD 504.3 Contamination by Fluids test determines whether a product will incur degradation of its surfaces when exposed to specific cleaning agents.

Kensington’s military-grade product line is subjected to and has passed this new standard of product testing to prevent equipment degradation from frequent cleaning. Just look for the Wipe-Down Protection seal when you buy with Kensington.

When they look for degradation, they are looking for the following:

  • Visual signs of defect
  • Any deterioration of the materials
  • Any discoloration
  • Cracks
  • Effect on the function of the product

The wipe-down chemicals chosen for the test are chemical cleaners found everywhere standard cleaning supplies are available, and are considered strong disinfect or sanitization cleaning products.

The process is to expose the item to the chemical for 24 hours. After letting the fluid drain naturally, they observe the product for any changes in visual appearance and performance. Then, they assess the article for degradation and record the findings. If the item passes, no further testing takes place.

However, if an item fails, it is retested – only this time, the person conducting the test exposes the product to the chemical for only 8 hours (intermittent exposure). They then record the results.

Back to School with Kensington’s Portable Solutions for Keeping Clean and Staying Safe 

Head back to school with confidence. By learning the new standard in government-approved cleaning protocols, you protect yourself from viruses such as COVID-19. At Kensington, we have developed products capable of withstanding repeated exposure to harsh cleaning agents. 

Here at Kensington, we strive to set the new standard of testing. For the latest information about our MIL-STD Wipe-Down Protection seal, contact us today.