SD4849Pv USB-C Triple Video Dock

SD4849Pv USB-C Triple Video Dock


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NanoSaver®, Kensington’s Next Big Innovation

Kensington’s NanoSaver line of locks deliver all the strength and security Kensington is known for, in our most compact locking solution.

Laptop and Device Locking, Reinvented

Back in 1992, when Kensington created what would become the industry-standard T-bar security slot and the world’s first laptop lock, devices were very different — they were much larger. As manufacturers produce smaller, thinner, lighter laptops and devices, the lock slot and its locks have had to evolve.

NanoSaver is the latest evolution of laptop locking technology, developed in partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers to meet the physical security needs of today’s thin and lightweight devices.


Keyed or Combo, the Choice is Yours

No matter what your needs, NanoSaver makes it easy to evolve your entire inventory.


Find My Perfect Locking Solution

Kensington 5mm Common Keying System on blue background

Kensington 5mm Common Keying System

Standardizes a single tubular keying solution to securely manage all Kensington locks (including T-bar and wedge-shaped). Available in master-, supervisor-, and like-keyed options.

Four-Number Combination Version on blue background

Four-Number Combination Version

NanoSaver combination locks eliminate the need for keys and feature 10,000 possible combinations. Available in standardized and resettable options.


Why Kensington?


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Verified & Tested

Kensington locks are independently verified and tested for industry-leading standards in torque/pull, foreign implements, lock lifecycle, corrosion, and other environmental conditions.

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Register & Retrieve™

Kensington’s free online key and combination code registration program that allows for quick, secure, and easy key replacement and combination retrieval. It takes the headache out of key and combination management.

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Comprehensive Security Solutions

We offer a range of security solutions that are tough, reliable, and easy to use. From locks, to biometric authentication, to privacy screens, to paper shredders, we’ve got you covered.

NanoSaver Keyed Laptop Lock on grey background

NanoSaver Keyed Laptop Lock

The original NanoSaver lock, offering Kensington’s trusted security and protection.

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Slim NanoSaver on grey background

Slim NanoSaver

The Slim NanoSaver lock head won’t raise your device off its surface, allowing ultra-thin and 2-in-1 laptops to lie flat and stable.

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Portable NanoSaver lock on grey background


Portable NanoSaver locks feature a self-coiling carbon steel cable that stretches up to six feet and shrinks down to three inches.

Coming Soon

Ultra-Cable NanoSaver lock on grey background


Extra thick (10mm) and extra strong carbon steel cable, for our highest level of protection against cutting attempts.

Coming Soon

Universal 3-in-1 Lock on grey background

Universal 3-in-1 Lock

The perfect solution for a mixed estate of devices. Provides a single locking solution for laptops using the T-bar, wedge-shaped, or nano security slot.

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