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SKU: K55779WW

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Limited Viewing Angle

Narrows the field of vision on the monitor to +/- 30 degrees, helping you keep the information on your screen private, which is important when you’re viewing confidential or sensitive information at your desktop

Spring-Loaded Mount

Installs on the top of your flat-panel monitor, with adjustable springs so it can be extended to the edges for easy mounting

Blue Light Reduction

Filters harmful rays by up to 30%, which is helpful as blue light has been shown to interrupt sleep patterns and even cause retinal damage

Antimicrobial Coating

Special film coating prevents mildew and bacteria growth, which can cause stains and odours on the film.

  • Limits viewing angle +/- 30° which is convenient to hide personal or confidential information at your desktop
  • Spring-loaded mount secures screen to monitor without hassle or adhesives
  • Reduces harmful blue light by up to 30%
  • Hard-coated surface protects screen from scratches and fingerprints
  • Fits widescreen flat-panel monitors
  • Textured surface with light tint minimizes glare and improves contrast
  • Won´t obstruct controls or speakers
  • Special film coating prevents mildew and bacteria growth, which can cause stains and odors on the film.

Product Specifications

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Best For:
Screen Size:
20”/50.8cm – 22”/55.8cm
Aspect Ratio:
Period of Warranty:
Limited 1-year warranty
Screen Type:
Application Type:
Spring-loaded mount
Device Type: