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SD4849Pv USB-C Triple Video Dock


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The New Normal for the Office in a Post Pandemic World

Two people working in office with UVStand in view

The pandemic caused many people to start working from home instead of an office. Some have even found that this change has made them more productive and less stressed out.

While many people long for the social aspects of working in an office, others are worried about the lack of connectivity. In fact, fifty-five percent of employees who responded to a study by Stanford University say they are in favor of a hybrid work model instead. 

As office workers return to their desks, many firms are looking to redesign their spaces to accommodate the new norm. Is your organization prepared? 

6 Factors of the New Normal in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

The post-pandemic world is challenging, but not impossible to navigate. In this climate, companies must shift their thinking when tackling common workplace issues. That way, these issues can be managed creatively and effectively with company assistance and suggestions from other team members.

So, what does this new normal look like in a post-pandemic workplace? The truth is nobody really knows. Also, as this situation continues to evolve, companies need to be prepared for the "next normal" as well. 

Though nobody knows exactly what to expect, some predictions can be made. Here is what most people can expect when returning to the office:

1. Business Casual Will be More Predominant

As people return to the office, many companies that once had business professional dress codes are now allowing more casual attire at work. "People have been working from home for a year and a half, so they want it to feel like home to a certain degree," said lead interior designer Devin Shaffer from Decorilla.

Shaffer also noted that "everything's becoming much more casual in the office space." Decorilla isn't the only company opting for this change.

In Portland, Oregon, the power company giant Portland General Electric (PGE) has opted to let remote and hybrid staff dress casually whenever they are in the office, according to one of their Network Engineers.

2. Staff Will Have a Heightened Awareness of Cleanliness  

Hygiene and cleanliness are also significant concerns for those returning to work. The pandemic has brought more to attention the necessary precautions one must take in public spaces to avoid becoming sick. 

Employees are looking for equipment they can clean easily without the risk of damage or degradation. For this reason, you should consider providing your staff with a washable keyboard from Kensington’s Pro Fit® series. 

Likewise, you can ensure that every team member has a washable mouse that they can keep at the office or take home with them for remote work.

3. Employers Will Offer More Flexible Work Schedules

Organizations realize that flexible work schedules are necessary to keep their employees happy. Also, they know they need to accommodate social distancing requirements. Therefore, not everyone can be in the office at the same time anymore. 

For this reason, it may be helpful to coordinate a hybrid work schedule instead. These schedules allow companies to have certain employees in the office on specific days. 

Meanwhile, team members who are working remotely will need to be able to transport their office equipment from one location to another. Laptop cases and bags make carrying their devices simple, stylish, and convenient.

4. Technology Will be Even More Essential

Offices are investing in a lot of new technology. For example, as video calls become more popular, many employers have started installing larger screens for their employees. They also opt for high-resolution cameras to make video meetings feel like everyone is in the same room.

It is no surprise that many companies are making high-tech investments to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses. Air filtration enhancements do not necessarily mean you need a complete HVAC overhaul, but these enhancements can definitely help clean up your workspace. 

Kensington has recently released the new UVStand™ Monitor Stand. This technology uses UVC LEDs to sanitize mice, trackballs, keyboards, cellphones, and other devices. 

The UVStand eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in approximately ten minutes. Furthermore, it encourages healthy posture for optimal user comfort.

View the UVStand™ Monitor Stand with UVC Sanitization Compartment

5. Shared Workspaces Will be Prevalent 

As time passes, this remote work trend continues to grow. The pandemic proved that team members do not need to be at the office to remain productive. Remote employees have also enjoyed the benefits of their much easier and less time-consuming telecommutes.

Shared workspaces have cut down on the costs of corporate real estate. Now, smaller office spaces can adequately accommodate your company's workforce since not everyone will be in the office at the same time.

6. Health and Wellness Will be Critical Elements of Design

Since the pandemic has caused more people to focus on their well-being, office design firms are installing new design elements to create healthier work environments. These elements include touchless technology in the restrooms such as touchless faucets, hands-free toilet flushing actuators, and soap dispensers with sensors. 

Beyond touchless technologies, some employers are providing employees with opportunities to work outdoors in areas of the country where the weather permits. While this may be feasible in Los Angeles, offices in New York and Chicago would only be able to offer these options seasonally. 

Kensington is Helping Businesses Prepare for Employees Returning to the Office

At Kensington, we help organizations perform their best by identifying areas in the modern workplace that need improvement and crafting professional-tier product solutions. We're prepared to help your team adapt to the new normal as you return to the office.

To encourage even more productivity in your workplace, take a look at our high-quality ergonomic products. We offer a variety of keyboards, mice, and trackballs that are all designed for comfortable use by people who spend hours at their desks every day.

From docking stations to computer cable locks and everything in between, we make sure each one of our products meets or exceeds international standards. We ensure that you will be safe when you’re working - no matter what task you're performing. 

Is your company prepared for the new normal in a post-pandemic work environment? At Kensington, we can help you get ready for the changes that lie ahead. Contact us today for more information on our latest products.