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SmartFit® Sit/Stand Dual Monitor Workstation

A Standing Desktop Experience with Two Screens

SmartFit® Sit/Stand Dual Monitor Workstation



About This Product

As more health risks are revealed in relation to sitting too much during the workday, professionals are trusting the company with 20 years of ergonomic expertise and turning to the SmartFit® Sit/Stand Dual Monitor Workstation to improve their health and productivity. The workstation converts your traditional desk into a standing workspace with minimal changes to your current setup. A pneumatic lift and articulating arm help you quickly transition from sitting to standing, plus it swivels from side to side to help share the view of your monitor screens.


  • SmartFit® System allows you to measure, adjust and fit the workstation’s articulating arm to your ideal comfort color setting
  • Adjustable dual mounts allows you to slide the monitors left and right along both sides of the arm for a better fit
  • Pneumatic lift lets you quickly and easily transition from sitting to standing
  • Articulating arm has four pivot points so you can easily move the workstation up and down and side to side
  • Height adjustable so you can set the monitors and the keyboard platform independently for the ideal viewing and typing settings
  • Cable management channel routs accessory cords to keep workstation uncluttered
  • Reinforced mounting clamp attaches quickly to the desktop
  • Secondary platform provides a space-saving area for additional accessories
  • Compatible with monitors up to 24” (Max weight of 22.5 lbs. for monitors and items on platforms)




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  • Adjustable Dual Monitor Mounts

    Adjustable Dual Monitor Mounts

    The mounts can be moved left or right along the arm to help accommodate up to two 24” monitors (max 22.5 lbs. for monitors and items on platforms), allowing you to optimize your viewing experience

  • Pneumatic Lift

    Smoothly transitions the workstation from the sitting to the standing position through a simple “quick release” handle

    Pneumatic Lift
  • Full Arm Articulation

    Full Arm Articulation

    Five pivot points allow the entire workstation to be raised up and down to a comfortable height when sitting or standing, and swivel to adjust to you and your workstation and monitors

  • Height Adjustable

    Both the 75mm/100mm VESA-compatible monitor mounts and keyboard tray can be set independently to your optimal viewing and typing positions

    Height Adjustable
  • Cable Management Channel

    Cable Management Channel

    Neatly routs all accessory cords away from the desktop, keeping your workstation less cluttered

  • Reinforced Mounting Clamp

    Attaches quickly and easily to desktops that are anywhere between 0.75” to 2.5” thick without the need for tools, providing a stable base whether you’re sitting or standing

    Reinforced Mounting Clamp
  • Secondary Platform

    Secondary Platform

    Situated above the keyboard/mouse, the platform saves space on your desktop and offers a convenient location for commonly used accessories to help you get more done in less time