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Advantages of a 4K monitor for Businesses

Which Types of Businesses Would Benefit?

With the average selling price of 4K monitors trending down, it’s becoming far more affordable for businesses in multiple industries to upgrade their current systems and integrate the increasingly popular growing high-definition technology.

If you’re an IT manager, walk around and take note of how many employees are using two or three external monitors. Now imagine how much money the company will save on electricity by eliminating extra monitors, how much less cluttered the desks will look and how much time you’ll get for other projects due to the easier setup of a single monitor.

We’ve identified a few industries and/or job roles that would see an immediate benefit from implementing 4K monitors into their everyday work environment:

Financial Services: If you’re closely following the markets, analyzing stock tables and charts all day, time is of the essence. Having all that information on a single, large widescreen monitor can make all the difference.

Graphic Design: What better application for Ultra High Definition, when details and clarity matter more than anything else? Cut down on zooming when you’re in Photoshop because you can see better with 8 million pixels at your disposal, which is 4x more than standard HD.

Software Engineer: If you’re a programmer, it’s likely you’ve got one screen dedicated to writing code and the other for everything else. One 4K monitor lets you keep everything on a single screen and cuts down on the number of times you have to swing your head back and forth during those hours-long coding sessions.

Costs to Enable 4K

Deploying 4K isn’t quite as simple as just buying new monitors and putting them at the desks of all the employees. It’s likely most of the laptops don’t have a 4K graphics card, so some decision will have to be made to enable the Ultra HD.

Here are your choices:

  1. Invest in a 4K USB Docking Station or 4K USB Adapter
  2. Install a 4K graphics card on the current laptop
  3. Purchase a new laptop that includes 4K graphics card

Future-Proofing for 4K

By investing in a 4K Universal Docking Station now, you are making a future-proof investment. Adoption rates for 4K are rising every year, and it seems likely that 4K will eventually become the standard resolution on desktop monitors. Since this upgrade allows employees to be more productive, it’s inevitable the multi-monitor setup so commonly seen today will become a thing of the past.

By selecting a Universal Docking Station, you’re ensuring you have the freedom to select any make and model laptop when it’s time for a new one. Who wants to be forced into a limited choice because of their OEM docking station? Plus, even if you’re not quite ready to make the jump to 4K, you can still deploy 4K universal docking stations since they’re compatible with traditional HD.

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