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Case Study: Adding Monitors to Microsoft Surface

The Problem

Sterling’s credit team relies on being able to make informed decisions without imposing unnecessary delay on their clients. The team uses two screens to ensure they have all the information they need available to them instantly. Ken Trinka, Credit Manager at Sterling, had recently overseen the employee migration from laptops to Microsoft Sur­face hybrid tablets.

Ken had hoped to use his existing USB monitor adapters to allow staff to connect their existing second monitors to their Surfaces. However, he was disappointed to find that the existing USB adapters used to connect the laptops to the monitors weren’t compatible with their new Microsoft Surfaces.

The Solution

Rather than replacing his monitors or returning his new Surfaces, Ken turned to Kensington’s Universal Multi-Display Adapters. The adapters can be used with any Windows or Mac operating system as well as any brand of monitor.

Sterling’s staff members are now able to work using their Surface screens and their monitors, helping them provide fast and efficient service to their customers.

How It Works

How It Works

The Kensington Multi-Display Adapter is simple to use. Once connected to a monitor (DVI or VGA), users sim­ply plug the USB cable into their Surface or laptop. When they want to take their laptop or Surface with them, they simply unplug the USB cable.

Kensington’s intuitive configuration software is always available in the user’s desktop tool bar and allows users to easily extend their desktop across both screens. The user can position multiple windows wherever they want, or clone the second monitor to reflect whatever is shown on their primary monitor.

Step 1

Connect your Surface to the Multi Display Adapter using the provided USB cable.

Step 2

Connect the Multi Display Adapter to your monitor. The adapter can be used with both VGA and DVI monitors.

Step 3

Configure the output mode, position and order of your displays using the intuitive setting controls.

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