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What is it about?

IDC's ongoing research shows that the trend toward support of the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon continues to grow.

Read our BYOD Q&A with Tom Mainelli, Program Vice President for IDC's Devices and Displays Research.

What is it about?

So, how have organizations been impacted by BYOD? We surveyed 500 IT Managers to find out.

· 44% of organizations suffered laptop theft

· 67% of laptop thefts occur in the office

· 90% of organizations have had a laptop stolen from an employee’s home

What is this about?

The adoption of “bring your own device” (BYOD) is a major security issue for all organizations. This IDC survey of 756 sales & marketing professionals in the UK, Germany and France highlights the attitudes held by employees bring their own devices into the workplace and the subsequent the challenges these present IT administrators.

What is it about?

ColArt employs over 1,460 people in 16 countries, many of whom are based on different sites, work remotely or are field based. Read why ClickSafe Master Coded Locks were right for their business.

t about?

Discussion of the impact of The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) based on the findings of a survey by O’Keeffe & Company for CDW-Government of 300 IT professionals employed by public K-12 schools.

What is it about?

These findings are based on the results of 300 interviews with SMEs and enterprises across the UK, France, Germany and the US.

What is it about?

Discusses the Cost of Data Breaches and how laptop locks can protect against Data Loss Protection.

What is it about?

Well implemented security policies reduce laptop theft by 85%. This independent policy is written by research analysts IDC and can be easily implemented by organisations large and small.

What is it about?

Read the findings and absorb the data from 200 interviews with IT managers and security specialists from the UK, France, Germany & Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.