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ClickSafe® Keyed Lock for iPad® Enclosures, Payment Terminals

Securing Your Business

ClickSafe® Keyed Lock for iPad® Enclosures, Payment Terminals



About This Product

The Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Lock delivers the strongest security available to secure your iPad, payment terminal or desktop chassis from theft in just one click.


  • Designed to be the easiest to use lock available
  • Trusted as the first line of defense to keep business equipment safe
  • Tamper-proof disk-style lock combined with superior materials provide near-impenetrable protection
  • Kensington Security Anchor is designed for a secure fit
  • Online Register and Retrieve™ service allows for retrieval of lost keys



  • UPC: 00085896649632
  • Lock Management: Standard
  • Best For: Chromebooks, Laptops
  • Access Type: Custom
  • Engagement Type: Clicksafe
  • • One click lock head: 14mm high, 22mm wide, 47mm long
  • • Used in conjunction with the Kensington ClickSafe Security Anchor found on many iPad stand & Enclosures
  • • ‘Adaptive’ ClickSafe Security Anchor fits standard Kensington Security Slots found on most laptops, desktops and payment terminals


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