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SmartFit Conform Wrist Rest

SmartFit Conform Wrist Rest



About This Product

The SmartFit Conform Wrist Rest improves user productivity and includes interchangeable pads with the smartfit system. This ergonomic rest neutralises the angle at which the user holds their wrist, naturally placing their hands in the optimal position for prolonged periods of use.


  • Provides a safe and intuitive way to support the wrist while working
  • Reduces repetitive strain injuries
  • Reduces carpal tunnel injuries
  • Ambidextrous design which can be used with all mice and trackballs
  • Wrist rest helps reduce risk of repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel injuries
  • Ambidextrous design allows right hand or left hand use
  • Rest is compatible with all mice, including both wired and wireless



  • UPC: 00085896557876


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