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SmartFit® Dual Monitor Arm Mount

Professional-Level Mount to Increase Productivity

SmartFit® Dual Monitor Arm Mount



About This Product

With more than 20 years of expertise creating professional-level ergonomic solutions, Kensington has created the SmartFit Dual Monitor Arm Mount. It allows you to add a second display to your desktop, which studies have shown can have a significant impact on daily productivity. With two fully adjustable arms that hold up to 24” monitors, you can use our patented SmartFit system to find your optimal height setting to reduce neck, back and vision strain. It assembles in minutes, letting you quickly get back to what’s important.


  • SmartFit® System allows you to find your personal comfort color within 4 height regions for optimal ergonomics
  • Monitors attach via 75mm or 100mm VESA-compatible mounts
  • Cable management system helps neatly route cords for a clutter-free desktop
  • Assembles to the edge of the desktop via grommet clamp in just minutes
  • Compatible with displays up to 24”; maximum 25 lbs. per arm




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  • SmartFit® System

    SmartFit® System

    Allows you to select your personal height setting using the included color-coded fitting chart so you can set the mount at your personalized height

  • Two Adjustable Monitor Arms

    Dual pivot points provide nearly effortless vertical, horizontal, and distance adjustment so you can angle and rotate displays measuring up to 24” to create the optimal viewing conditions to reduce strain on your neck, back and eyes

    Two Adjustable Monitor Arms
  • VESA Compatible

    VESA Compatible

    Monitors are attached to the arms via 75mm or 100mm VESA mounts

  • Cable Management

    Help reduce the cable clutter on your desktop by allowing you to feed cords down the neck of the mount

    Cable Management
  • Easy Assembly

    Easy Assembly

    The entire system quickly attaches to the edge of your desktop so you can have the monitors up and running in a matter of minutes