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  • One Size Doesn't Fit All

    SmartFit® Workstation Ergonomics
  • Personal Fit in Three Easy Steps

    Measure - Adjust - Fit
  • 1. Measure

    Just place your hand on the baseline of the hand chart. The tip of your middle finger indicates your SmartFit® colour.
  • 2. Adjust

    Now adjust your product to the correct SmartFit® colour setting.
  • 3. Fit

    The final step is to validate the fit of your SmartFit® product at your workstation and start working more comfortably.

SmartFit® Workstation Ergonomics

One Size Doesn't Fit All

SmartFit® demystifies ergonomics for individuals, making it easy to install and customise their workspace accessories to their ergonomic comfort requirements.

SmartFit® was developed using US Army research that found a direct correlation between the size of hand and body measurements.

Every SmartFit® product includes a hand chart in the box. This indicates the specific SmartFit® colour setting that will deliver optimum ergonomic comfort for the user.

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  • SmartFit® Sit/Stand Workstation
    SmartFit® Sit/Stand Workstation

    The SmartFit® Sit/Stand Workstation lets you easily convert your traditional desk it into a standing workspace, giving you ergonomic and health benefits. It installs quickly and requires minimal changes to your current setup. Our patented SmartFit System lets you find your personal comfort color...

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    $799.95 55792
  • SmartFit® Conform Back Rest
    SmartFit® Conform Back Rest

    The SmartFit Conform Back Rest takes sitting comfort to a new level, with patented back support technology that works in nearly any type of chair. The SmartFit System allows you to customize the height of the back rest to your personal comfort color for maximum support for your spine and lumbar....

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  • SmartFit® Lumbar Back Rest
    SmartFit® Lumbar Back Rest

    Meet the new shape of back comfort. The SmartFit® Lumbar Back Rest provides customised support for your back and spine to make sitting at your desk more comfortable. The unique back rest structure features Memory Foam padding to support and align your spine like no other. And with the patented...

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  • SmartFit® Easy Riser™ Laptop Cooling Stand
    SmartFit® Easy Riser™ Laptop Cooling Stand

    The Easy Riser lifts your notebook to promote airflow, reducing strain on the notebook battery and circuitry. It also raises the monitor to increase your comfort.

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    $59.95 60112
  • SmartFit® Monitor Stand Plus
    SmartFit® Monitor Stand Plus

    SmartFit® Monitor Stand Plus adjusts monitor height to your optimal viewing angle to help to reduce eye and neck strain. Expands usable desk space by allowing storage underneath platform.

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    $69.95 60089
  • SmartFit® Monitor Stand
    SmartFit® Monitor Stand

    Monitor Stand with the SmartFit™ system adjusts monitor height to your optimal viewing angle to help to reduce eye and neck strain. Expands usable desk space by allowing storage underneath platform.

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    $59.95 60087
  • SmartFit® Spin2 Monitor Stand
    SmartFit® Spin2 Monitor Stand

    Monitor stand uses SmartFit® System – Measure, Adjust, Fit. Workspace that works for you. Easily adjust monitor height and place all your desktop tools at the perfect ergonomic position.

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    $99.95 60049
  • SmartFit® Dual Monitor Arm
    SmartFit® Dual Monitor Arm

    Boost your productivity while also reducing eye and neck strain. The Column Mount Laptop-Monitor Dual Monitor Arm makes it easy to work on multiple documents or applications and to collaborate with colleagues. The built-in cable management system even helps reduce desktop clutter.

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  • SmartFit® Extended Monitor Arm
    SmartFit® Extended Monitor Arm

    Kensington SmartFit® Monitor Arms work with any monitor to allow perfect positioning, for an employee-safe, comfortable and ergonomic workstation. Our exclusive colour-coded SmartFit™ system places the monitor in the ideal ergonomic height, reducing eye and neck strain so employees get more...

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    $299.95 60904
  • SmartFit® Mouse Pad
    SmartFit® Mouse Pad

    Resting your wrist on a soft, cushioned surface while you click and scroll with your mouse may seem comfortable, but improper positioning can cause discomfort over time. The SmartFit® Mouse Pad not only provides a comfortable gel support, it also allows you to customise and adjust the height of...

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  • SmartFit® Adjustable Memory Foam Wrist Rest
    SmartFit® Adjustable Memory Foam Wrist Rest

    Support your wrists at optimum height and distance for better typing by matching its position with your SmartFit comfort colour. The EasyFlip feature is built-in to allow for flexibility in height. Hypoallergenic memory foam wrist rest is covered in soft lycra cloth to provide ultimate comfort...

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    $59.95 62682
  • SmartFit® InSight® InLine Copyholder
    SmartFit® InSight® InLine Copyholder

    Position documents or books between the monitor and keyboard for improved computing comfort. Folds over keyboard for an extended writing surface. Use your SmartFit comfort colour to set the correct viewing angle. Accommodates two 8 1/2" x 11" sheets side by side or books up to 1" thick. Choose...

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