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MicroSaver® Keyed Laptop Locks - Twin - Custom Master Access

Lock down two devices at the same time

MicroSaver® Keyed Laptop Locks - Twin - Custom Master Access



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About This Product

Protect your notebook and monitor with this double lock-head security system. The T-Bar™ locking mechanism and super-strong carbon tempered steel cable provide maximum protection that attaches to the standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of notebooks and many computer devices. Lock down your computer system and leave it safe. This lock is individually keyed. If you want to manage access to your lock deployment with custom key options, purchase MicroSaver® Twin Custom Notebook Lock (K64187F).


  • 7 ft, 5.5mm carbon strengthened steel cable anchors your notebook and an additional device to a desk or immovable object
  • Attaches to 99% of notebooks with the T-Bar™ locking mechanism for superior strength
  • Dual lock-heads secures two devices including laptops, hard drives and monitors while allowing independent access
  • Built-in defense system guards against lock tampering
  • Safe Pro exceeds industry standards for tough security applications
  • Designed to secure mulitple devices on laptop workstations
  • Free on-line key registration for secure key replacement
  • Tamper Evident™ technology alerts you that someone has  tried to steal your device
  • Hidden Pin™ technology ensures tubular locks cannot be picked offering the highest level of security




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