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Selecting Who Has Access

The Right Choice for Your Company

Kensington recognizes that most businesses operate differently. So we’ve designed custom solutions that allow you to select the ideal level of IT control over your equipment while helping employees safeguard against theft and avoid downtime due to misplaced keys.

Custom Solutions

The preferred option for big enterprises like Fortune 1000 corporations. All our Master Coded and Key Lock options can be tailored specifically to meet your access needs and customized configuration setup.

These locks are made to order and can share master access across different groupings. This versatility is the reason Custom Solutions make so much sense for IT managers of large operations, since we can help you add locks as needed under the same configuration.

To place an order for a Custom Solution, please give us a call at 1-855-692-0054.

On-Demand Solutions

This program provides all the protection of a high-grade lock with the convenience of adding more locks through a simple online order. After establishing your first on-demand configuration, we can provide more locks whenever you need them, and they can work with the same Master Key or you can create a new one.

Once you have decided you need more locks, simply place an order with your account and we’ll be sure to ship you locks that fit your existing configuration or an entirely new configurations. The choice is yours.

Master Key/Individual Keys - Available On-Demand and for Custom orders

Like Keys - Available for Custom Orders

Supervisor Keyed - Available for Custom orders

Master Coded Combination Locks - On-Demand and for Custom orders

Preset Combination Locks - Available On-Demand