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  • Fit Is Everything

    Workstation ergonomics
  • Peronsal Fit in 3 easy steps

    Measure - Adjust - Fit
  • 1. Measure

    Just place your hand on the baseline of the hand chart. The tip of your middle finger indicates your SmartFit color.
  • 2. Adjust

    Now adjust your product to the correct SmartFit color setting. (You won't need any tools).
  • 3. Fit

    The final step is to validate the fit of your SmartFit product at your workstation and start working more comfortably.
  • SmartFit® Solutions

SmartFit™ Workstation Ergonomics

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One Size Doesn't Fit All

SmartFit™ demystifies ergonomics, making it easy to install and customize your workspace with accessories that fit your ergonomic comfort requirements. SmartFit was developed using U.S. Army research that found a direct correlation between the size of hand and body measurements. Every SmartFit product includes a hand chart in the box, helping you find the correct SmartFit color setting that will deliver optimum ergonomic comfort.

Step 1. Measure

With every SmartFit™ product, you will receive a hand chart in the box.

This hand chart will assist you in finding your specific SmartFit™ color and customize your fit.

How do you Measure?

With your right wrist on the baseline of the hand chart, lay your entire hand over the diagram. The tip of your middle finger will point to your SmartFit™ color.

Step 2. Adjust

The next step is to adjust the color wheel on your SmartFit® product to your specific color, and you’re ready to go.

Not all SmartFit® products have a color wheel; please make sure you read the instructions to understand how to adjust each SmartFit® product

Step 3. Fit

The final step is to validate the fit of your SmartFit™ product at your workstation. Because we make many different SmartFit™ products, please refer to the user guide in each product box.

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