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SafeGrip™ Rugged iPad Cases

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Ready for Any Adventure

You love your iPad and you love your kids. You want them to have fun, learn and discover the world in a way only an iPad can deliver. But kids will be kids, and that means the tablet is at risk of accidental damage. That’s why we developed SafeGrip™ Rugged iPad Cases. They preserve everything kids and adults love about the iPad, while providing sturdy, cushioned protection.

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  • SafeGrip™ for iPad®

    The iPad is a great learning tool, but it’s just not built to survive the rigors of the K-6 environment. The Kensington SafeGrip preserves everything kids and educators love about the iPad, while adding rugged, padded protection the classroom demands. SafeGrip also adds features like a burly...

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    from $54.99
  • SafeGrip™ for iPad mini™
    SafeGrip™ for iPad mini™

    The iPad mini is perfect for small hands and big imaginations. But it’s just not built to survive the rigors of the K-6 environment. The Kensington SafeGrip adds rugged protection the classroom demands. There’s a rugged handle that not only prevents drops but even doubles as a handy two-position...

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    $49.99 K67795AM
  • SafeGrip™ Security Case & Lock for iPad®
    SafeGrip™ Security Case & Lock for iPad®

    The iPad has quickly become the hands-on learning tool of choice for schools around the world. Unfortunately it has also become popular with thieves due to the lack of a security slot. The Kensington SafeGrip Security Case and Lock has everything you need to secure your iPad investment from...

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    $89.99 K67794AM
  • SafeGrip™ Rugged Carry Case & Stand for iPad Air™

    The iPad opens a whole new world of hands-on learning for kids. However, sensitive electronics like the iPad Air just weren’t made to withstand the punishment kids can dish out. The Kensington SafeGrip Rugged Carry Case & Stand wraps the iPad Air in a tough, padded case complete with screen...

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    from $54.99

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