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SafeDome™ Secure for iMac®

SafeDome™ Secure for iMac®



About This Product

A computer as sleek as the iMac deserves a lock just as stylish. The Kensington SafeDome™ Secure delivers with a dome design that compliments the iMac aesthetics. Use with the revolutionary ClickSafe® lock (purchased separately) that secures in just one click. The Ultra cable provides the flexibility to change the position of the iMac on your workstation with the highest level of security in public environments. And SafeDome also helps clean up your desktop by managing your iMac accessories securing your mouse, keyboard and other peripherals.


  • Dome design complements iMac aesthetics
  • ClickSafe Ultra custom lock secures with just one click—no keys and no fiddling (purchase separately, K67769) to complete your custom lock solution
  • Easy to position and assemble lock
  • Sleek, modern dome design securely attaches to iMac stand
  • Built-in cable management secures iMac accessories
  • Won’t interfere with iMac adjustability
  • Compatible with 2010 through 2012 iMac models


  • iMac
  • Specifications

    • UPC: 085896677680
    • Best For: Desktop PCs
    • Features: ClickSafe® Security Anchor
    • Screen Size: 21"/53.4cm, 27"/68.5cm