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ClickSafe® Point 2 Point Keyed Lock

Secure your sale with Point-of-Purchase iPad® security that won’t hinder mobility

ClickSafe® Point 2 Point Keyed Lock



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About This Product

The ClickSafe® Point 2 Point Keyed Lock is the perfect solution for securing an iPad® to a Point-of-Sale stand (POS), for security that’s both easy to use and won’t interfere with the user experience. Just click the ClickSafe Point 2 Point Keyed Lock to the anchor on your SecureBack™ enclosure, and then connect the other side to either the included ClickSafe anchor point or one of many popular POS stands, including those from HubWorks, Solvelt, and Square.


  • Dual head ClickSafe lock secures to both your SecureBack security case and ClickSafe Security Anchor
  • ClickSafe secures in a click with no keys and no fiddling
  • Nearly impenetrable disk style keyed locking mechanism
  • Create the perfect anchor point with the included M6 or (wood screw) CSA anchor
  • Compatible with popular POS stands, including those from HubWorks, Solvelt, and Square
  • Portable cable stretches to 6 feet then self-coils to stay out of the way
  • Can also secure any laptop with the included ClickSafe Security Anchor



  • UPC: 085896649984
  • Best For: Chromebooks, Laptops
  • Cable: Inner steel core, Protective Sheath
  • Cable Construction: 7x7
  • Cable Thickness (mm): 3.5
  • Cable Type: Coiled
  • Lock Management: Standard
  • Lock Type: Keyed
  • Optimised For: Ease of Use

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