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Master Access & Custom Keyed Locks

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Master Keyed Locks: Master & user keys

Equip employees with their own personal locks to protect your organization's technology - all while retaining universal access for your IT staff.

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Flexible solutions that fit your business

Not all organisations are the same, nor are our locks.  Custom Keyed & Master Coded Solutions provide exactly the level of control over your IT equipment that you want while helping employees safeguard against internal theft and reduce downtime caused by misplaced keys.

Like Keyed Locks: Each key opens each lock

Protect your equipment from non-employee theft while giving employees the access they need to be productive, using shared, identical locks and keys.

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Single Keyed Locks: One key for multiple locks

Protect business technology with locks that are only accessible with one master key for ultimate control and access.

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Master Coded Locks

Combination locks are ideal for field based staff or remote locations where local IT support isn’t practical.

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