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Easy 'By Brand' & Colour Coded Power Charger Set Up

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You want the assurance that your replacement power adapter meets the most stringent safety standards and that it is actually compatible with your laptop.  With numerous laptop manufacturers, countless model and different voltages and batteries it can become quite confusing.

We have simplified this challenge with our 'By Brand' and colour coded approach to compatibility.

Safe & Simple Colour Coded Tips

Kensington power chargers remove all the complexity associated with ‘universal’ power chargers.

Different laptops require different voltages.  A netbook with a small screen demands less power than a widescreen laptop for instance. 

To protect your laptop we’ve coloured our power tips by brand, and to match the required voltage setting.  All you have to do is make sure your power adapter’s voltage setting matches the colour of your tip and select the best fit.


Colour Coded for Simplicity & Safety

We’ve kept this part really simple too.  

There’s only two colours to select from.  Blue or green.  Blue is suitable for 14-17V batteries and green for those requiring 17-21V, you don't need to worry about this though.  Just select the Tip that fits your laptop from those suitable for your brand of laptop. 

Your power adapter’s default position is the green position which is suitable for the vast majority of laptops.  Acer, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens and HP laptops for example, all require green colour coded Tips.

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