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  • ClickSafe® Keyed Twin Laptop Lock

    Give your employees superior and effortless laptop and peripheral accessory security with the ClickSafe® Keyed Twin Laptop Lock. One-click, keyless engagement combines with premium materials and anti-theft technology to make protecting laptops and another device, like a monitor, external hard...

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  • Pro Fit™ USB Washable Keyboard

    The Kensington Pro Fit® Washable Keyboard USB is made of antimicrobial material to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and fungi. Built to last, it can safely stand up to immersion or the frequent use of spray cleaners.

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  • CableSaver™

    Lock down your mice, keyboards, phones, and more with the Kensington CableSaver™. Secure the cables in the clamp and lock it shut with a Kensington MicroSaver®. Now, fewer items will "walk" off your desk.

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  • Pro Fit™ Wired Mid-Size Mouse
    Pro Fit™ Wired Mid-Size Mouse

    Aimed directly at the corporate sector the Pro Fit™ range is the perfect step up from entry level input devices. The Pro Fit™ range delivers performance and comfort that business user require, day after day, without any fuss. The Pro Fit™ range to deliver what businesses demand. ...

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  • Desktop PC & Peripheral Locking Kits

    With a long high-carbon steel cable, anchor plate, and a Kensington keyed lock, the Kensington Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit has everything you need to secure a desktop computer, two peripherals and a wired keyboard and mouse. Even devices without a Kensington Security Slot can be secured.

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  • ValuKeyboard - Wired
    ValuKeyboard - Wired

    The Kensington ValuKeyboard delivers everything you expect from a keyboard. The included PS2 adapter extends compatibility options.

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  • MicroSaver® Keyed Twin Head Laptop Lock

    Let your security cable and lock do double duty with the MicroSaver Keyed Twin Head Lock. Kensington is the industry standard, locking devices for more than 20 years. Two T-Bar™ locks easily secure your laptop and a peripheral desktop device like a monitor or external hard drive with a...

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  • USB Port Lock with Square Cable Guard
    USB Port Lock with Square Cable Guard

    Reduce the risk of data leakage, data theft and unauthorised uploads with a software-free solution that physically blocks USB ports from unauthorised access. The Kensington USB Port Lock with Blockers has the ability to block multiple adjacent ports with one lock and allow continued secure use...

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  • MicroSaver® Duo Laptop Lock
    MicroSaver® Duo Laptop Lock

    The MicroSaver® lock head features the patented T-bar locking mechanism. The T-bar provides a tight fit with the Kensington Security Slot. A rubber bumper ensures a snug fit between the lock and the security slot and protects your hardware. A further deterrent is the tamper evident feature. ...

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