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The #1 Brand in Laptop Locks

The #1 Brand in Laptop Locks

Why should you choose Kensington? We’re the unrivalled leader in laptop security. We invented the first lock more than 20 years ago, and we’re still going strong today, consistently  innovating new products and solutions so you can protect your most vital assets — your devices and the confidential data that’s on them.

With 99% of all business laptops incorporating our K-Slot™, it only makes sense to go with a lock that’s engineered with our T-Bar™ to guarantee the most secure fit. More organizations trust Kensington to protect their laptops because our locks are engineered to deliver both protection and ease of use.

Simply put, Kensington locks set the industry standard. We stay ahead of the curve because we’re the ones who set it.

Why do I need a lock?

Risky Business?

If you think your office laptops — and the information on them — are safe, you might want to think again. Forty percent of laptop thefts happen in the office, according to a recent study. Worse, once they’re stolen, 97 percent are never recovered.

For your business, replacing the missing laptops is just the beginning. You’re facing lost productivity and, even more damaging, the chance of a data breach. If there is a breach, you will have to communicate it to your clients and do whatever it takes to resolve it. Your budget and hard-earned reputation are at stake.

Trust Kensington to help you avoid these risks in the first place. A well-implemented security policy is shown to cut laptop theft by a massive 85 percent. Kensington pioneered laptop security, and we keep our competitive edge with tested products that are reliable and so easy to use that your employees won’t mind locking down their device. That cuts your risk. And that’s good for business. 

What types of lock are there?

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  • ClickSafe® Laptop Lock

    The Kensington ClickSafe® Keyed Laptop Lock is designed for effortless protection of computers and your business's most important data. Locks attach to hardware in a single step. Just one click and it is secure. There is no need for employees to insert a key or follow multiple steps. ClickSafe...

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  • MicroSaver® Laptop Lock

    Protect your notebook from theft by locking it down. Patented T-bar locking mechanism and super-strong carbon tempered steel cable provide maximum protection that attaches to the industry standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of notebooks.

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  • MicroSaver® Micro DS Ultrabook Lock

    Protect your Ultrabook from theft by locking it down. Kensington's T-bar locking mechanism and super-strong carbon tempered steel cable provide maximum protection that attaches to the industry standard Kensington security slot.

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  • MicroSaver® DS Laptop Lock

    Losing your notebook is unthinkable. Protect your computer with incomparable security, the disc lock. The most advanced disc locking technology is featured with carbon tempered steel core cable, external braided steel sheath, and T-bar locking mechanism that attaches to the standard Kensington...

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  • Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit

    With an 8 ft. high-carbon steel cable, anchor plate, and a Kensington keyed lock, the Kensington Desktop and Peripherals Locking Kit has everything you need to secure a desktop computer, two peripherals and a wired keyboard and mouse. Even devices without a Kensington Security Slot can be...

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  • ClickSafe® Anywhere Lock

    The fastest, easiest way to secure a laptop is now available as a security pack with 2 locks: 1 for the office, 1 for the road, or for anywhere you go. The ClickSafe Anywhere Security Pack is our most secure yet, with a tamper-resistant lockhead, advanced cable construction and the convenience...

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