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Security Lock for Netbooks

Just what you need for your netbook.

Security Lock for Netbooks



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About This Product

Don't go through the hassle of packing up your netbook every time you get a refill at the coffee shop. With the Kensington Security Lock for Netbooks you can rest assured that your netbook will stay safe while you're away.


  • Patented T-bar lock head for secure, tight fit with Kensington security slot
  • Keyless four wheel combination lock with 10,000 possible combinations
  • Self-coiling cable extends to 1800mm
  • Simple to set combination with easy view window and comfort grip dials
  • Keyless four wheel combination lock with convenient built in reset key
  • Online Register & Retrieve™ combination code service proetcts against forgotten combination codes



  • UPC: 5028252056885
  • Best For: Netbooks
  • Cable: Inner steel core, Protective Sheath, Security Loop
  • Cable Construction: 7x7
  • Cable Length (ft/m): 6/1.8
  • Cable Thickness (mm): 3.5
  • Cable Type: Coiled
  • Lock Management: Standard
  • Lock Type: Combination

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