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  • Personal Fit In 3 Easy Steps

    Measure - Adjust - Fit
  • 1. Measure

    Just place your hand on the baseline of the hand chart. The tip of your middle finger indicates your SmartFit colour.
  • 2. Adjust

    Now adjust your product to the correct SmartFit colour setting. (You won't need any tools).
  • 3. Fit

    The final step is to validate the fit of your SmartFit product at your workstation and start working more comfortably.
  • SmartFit® Ergonomics System

    Because one size doesn't fit all
  • SmartFit Demystifies Ergonomics

    A simple colour coded system makes it easy for individuals to customise thier workspace to fit them
  • SmartFit® Solutions

SmartFit® Workstation Ergonomics

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