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AUX Audio Cable

Listen to your tunes through your car stereo.

AUX Audio Cable


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About This Product

A direct connection from your iPhone® to your car stereo means cleaner, clearer sound. The cable braided Kensington AUX Audio Cable plugs into the standard 3.5mm AUX (auxiliary) port on your car stereo and the headphone jack on your iPhone® or iPod. Taking your tunes on the road has never sounded better.


  • Connects any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack socket to your car's AUX port
  • Perfect replacement or second cable
  • Cable braiding for strength, durability and limited tangle
  • 120cm long
  • Provides interference free music through your car stereo



  • UPC: 5028252260633
  • Best For: Smartphones
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