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SureTrack™ Bluetooth® Mouse

Track on the toughest surfaces—even on glass

SureTrack™ Bluetooth® Mouse



About This Product

As stylish as the SureTrack™ mouse is, what really sets it apart is the technology inside. The high-definition laser sensor allows it to track anywhere you work—even on glass. What’s more, the SureTrack Mouse connects to your Ultrabook®, MacBook Air® or laptop without monopolising a valuable USB port because it connects via Bluetooth®.

The SureTrack Mouse features all of the comfort you’ve come to expect from a Kensington mouse in a size that slips easily into your travel bag. You’ll find all of the features you expect, too, including left and right buttons, scrolling wheel button, and low battery indicator. In fact, with its comfort and precise tracking on practically any surface, you may find that this is the one mouse you rely on whether you’re using an Ultrabook or a regular laptop.


  • Ultrabook® optimized to track anywhere you work—even on glass
  • High-definition laser sensor tracks on the toughest surfaces—even glass
  • Connect via Bluetooth® so it won’t use up a valuable USB port
  • Comfortable, compact shape fits easily in your computer bag
  • Left and right buttons, plus centre scroll button
  • On/off switch plus low battery indicator



  • UPC: 5028252355773
  • Compatibility: Windows 8

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