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MicroSaver® Chassis Lock - Single Keyed

Protect the assets of all your desktop computers.

MicroSaver® Chassis Lock - Single Keyed



About This Product

The Kensington MicroSaver® Chassis Lock with a single key for supervisors prevents unwanted access to the components of your desktop computers. By locking down the chassis, it secures the valuable components inside, such as the CPU, memory, and graphics card. What's more, by foiling hard drive theft, the MicroSaver® Chassis Lock also prevents the theft of critical data.


  • Hidden Pin™ technology ensures tubular locks cannot be picked offering the highest level of security
  • Tamper Evident™ technology alerts you that someone has tried to steal your device
  • Anti-Shear™ technology protects against intrusion by force
  • Tough, stainless steel components
  • T-Bar™ locking mechanism provides superior strength and theft protection
  • Custom keyed options available
  • Tamper-evident feature goes into lockdown mode and displays a red dot if tampered with
  • Protect business technology with Single Keyed locks that are only accessible with one master key for ultimate control and access



  • UPC: 085896646037
  • Best For: Laptops
  • Lock Management: Single Keyed
  • Lock Type: Keyed
  • Optimised For: Control

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