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Chaise™ Universal Tablet Stand

Compact & Mobile.

Chaise™ Universal Tablet Stand



About This Product

A simple, mobile, compact and stylish stand keeps you productive wherever you go. Unlike other complicated and cumbersome multi-unfold designs, the Kensington Chaise™ Universal Tablet Stand is slim enough for easy travel whilst providing maximum stability; one flip and it’s ready to cradle your tablet even in the tightest spots such as airplane tray or cafe table. It also offers stability for uneven and glassy surfaces and works with virtually all popular tablet models.


  • Mobile and compact to fit into a shirt or case pocket for on-the-go convenience**
  • Works in the tightest of spots such as airplane tray or cafe table
  • Slim enough for easy travel while providing maximum stability
  • Supports landscape and portrait orientation in both typing and viewing modes
  • Soft grip groove securely cradles your tablet even with the toughest tapping
  • Non-slip surface holds up in even the most uneven surfaces
  • Clean, sleek design is both stylish and functional



  • UPC: 085896395362
  • Best For: Tablets
  • CE Certificated: Unknown

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